Water Storage Tanks

Water tanks is where the borehole water is pump and temporarily stored before being used. These storage water tanks ranges from 1000 litres to 10 000 litres in size, coming in different forms and colours. We have vertical & horizontal tanks, double & single core tanks.

Available Tank Sizes

The sizes include 1000L, 2000L, 2500L, 3000L, 5000L, 7500L and 10 000L tanks. The colours include green, blue and black.

Water Tank Stands

This is where your borehole water take sits on. A stand makes it possible for water to flow from the tank into your tape and sinks using gravity. Kindly note that you can choose not to put a tank stand and replace it with a booster pump.

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Complete Water Tank Package

Standard water tank installation package includes:

  • a storage water tank from 1000L to 10 000 litres.
  • a tank stand ranging from 3 m to 6 meters
  • installation and mounting the stand in concrete
  • plumbing connections from the borehole to your tank
  • plumbing connections from the tank to the building