Improving agricultural productivity will be an essential aspect in the future.

Well Drilling

Through borehole or well drilling, we create a narrow deep hole in the ground. The size of the hole and its depth are highly determined by the nature of your borehole use i.e. for residential, commercial, or industrial usage.

For reliable water supply, we recommend drilling to deeper levels of between 60-80 meters for an average borehole.

Borehole Casing

Borehole casing follows to insert a large diameter of pipe into a recently drilled section of your borehole. This is meant to protect and support the stream of water from collapsing. Two classes of borehole casing exist and we are happy that Borehole Drilling Partners offers both casing classes.

Two Types of Casing Class

Class 6 is the basic and most common one but offers a limited guarantee against collapsing

Class 9 or 10 is the stronger and most reliable one though being a bit pricy.

The decision on which casing class to proceed depends on our client’s needs, and budget.

4 steps of our borehole drilling process.

  1. Siting where to drill a borehole. Our qualified specialists using modern underground water detectors of high precision will determine the area with adequate water supply for drilling.
  2. Drilling and construction. After borehole siting, we drill through to the required length of the borehole and steel-case it to reinforce the tube and construct the borehole.
  3. Determining the yield of your borehole. We will conduct an aquifer test that involves installing a test pump and pumping borehole water for a fixed set of variables. Pump testing and borehole water quality test will help us determine your borehole performance.
  4. Pumping and piping the borehole. The type of pumps and pipes we will install on your borehole will be determined by the intended use of borehole water.

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Other Borehole Solutions

Water Locating

Water Locating

We help you uncover all your underground water sources with high accuracy. It works well for all borehole water needs for domestic and commercial use.

Tracking Sources

Tracking Sources

We track all the underground streams feeding into your aquifer. This will enable us to determine the capacity of your water borehole matching it with its intended use.

Survey Reporting

Survey Reporting

We generate detailed water survey reports with ideal points to drill your borehole showing their depth in metres, water yield and recommendation for the drillers to take note.

Borehole Services